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What Caused Your Hair Greasy? Illustration: Greasy hair. (Photo: shilpadav)

TIMESJAMBI, JAKARTA – It's kind of frustrating to have a dirty hair. That's why people likely to wash their hair daily or at least once in two days. But sometimes, we found that our hair becomes greasy after we wash it.

How come? Well, according to the Bustle here are several things that makes your hair greasy.

1. Make sure your pillowcase is clean

It's kind of creepy when its come to the time you need to wash your sheets. However, if you didn't do this the oil on your face will sticking in your pillowcase and when it turns for your hair to lay on it, the oil could stick on your hair. It will make your hair looks greasy in the morning.

2. Touching your hair too much

Just for your information, not only your scalp that produces oil, your hand also produces oil. So if you oftenly touch your hair, the oil could be transferred into your hair and make it looks greasy.

3. Wrong shampoo or conditioner

You need to choose the right shampoo or conditioner for your hair. If it's too strong then it will make your hair got more chance to be greasy. Don't apply shampoo or conditioner too much onto your hair. Just take what it needs.

4. Your Diet

According to Laura Polka, a celebrity hairstylist, people consuming more omega 6 fatty acid has a great chance to get a greasy hair compared to those who eat omega 3 fatty acids.

5. Hormonal dluctuations

Woman do has hormonal fluctuations. And it usually occured during menstrual cycle. During this time your hormone will change and sometimes affect the number of oil in your scalp. This could also lead to a greasy hair. (*)

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